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  • Savannah Todd

Tower28 Jelly Lip Gloss: Embrace the Aesthetic with ShineOn Lip Jelly Gloss

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I recently had the chance to try out tower28beauty's ShineOn Lip Jelly, and I couldn't wait to share my honest thoughts with you. Let's dive into what makes this lip jelly a real game-changer.

A Touch of Luxury: From the get-go, you can tell that Tower28 Beauty doesn't cut corners when it comes to packaging. The lip jelly arrives in a sleek, elegant container, setting the stage for what's inside.

Subtle Elegance: What struck me the most about this lip jelly is its ability to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. I'm all about that natural makeup look, and this product fits the bill perfectly. It adds just the right hint of color and shine, leaving you looking effortlessly elegant.

Versatility in Shades: There's something for everyone in the Shade range of Tower28's ShineOn Lip Jelly. I particularly loved how they've curated shades to suit various preferences and skin tones. I found my everyday go-to shade, which is like a 'your lips but better' kind of look.

Comfort First: One thing I truly appreciated is how comfortable this lip jelly feels. It's super lightweight and doesn't make your lips feel sticky or heavy, even with extended wear. This was a game-changer for me, as I often find lip products uncomfortable.

The Glossy Finish: Now, let's talk about the glossiness. If you're like me and adore the 'lip gloss poppin'' look, you're in for a treat. This lip jelly gives you that lustrous finish, making your lips appear fuller and oh-so-kissable.

All-Day Confidence: For me, makeup is all about confidence. With this lip jelly on, I felt more put-together, more confident, whether I was heading to the office or just spending a cozy day at home.

How I Use It:

  • Prep and pamper: I always start with well-hydrated and exfoliated lips to ensure a smooth application.

  • Layering: Depending on my mood, I layer the lip jelly for a bolder tint or keep it subtle for a casual look.

  • Pairings: I found that it pairs well with various makeup looks, from a natural glow to a full-on glam.

In the world of beauty, authenticity matters. And authentically, I can say that this lip jelly is a true gem. So, if you're wondering whether to try this lovely, aesthetic beauty essential, my answer is a resounding "Yes!"


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